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Sarah lives and paints alone. When her night is interrupted by a horrific phone call, Sarah becomes haunted by the West Philadelphia house in which she was raised. COMET is equal parts memory-play and parable about Black girls growing up too fast. COMET interrogates the formative years of our imagination and the worlds we create to protect ourselves. How can we move past trauma that we can’t perceive into a future we couldn’t imagine?

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Some anonymized feedback from Barrymore-Recommenders...

"Comet is a very unique one person show about the relationship between a daughter and her father. The show presents a fresh take on the concept of a solo performance, delighting audiences with lots of heart, hope and nostalgia."

"It was as if we were really watching the actor evolve or sometimes devolve into a traumatic memory."

"A rich piece of mixed media, multi-dimensional art. It felt like a dream (at times, a nightmare), throughout which the feelings were familiar, yet everything felt otherworldly in a fascinating and unsettling way. I was thoroughly engaged and intrigued throughout."

Written by Ang(ela) Bey

Directed by Ryan Rebel

Story by Ang(ela) Bey and Ryan Rebel

Stage Managed by Lindsey Silver


Performed by Ang(ela) Bey with Ciera Gardner, Jo Vito Ramirez, Ava Weintzweig, Ryan Rebel, and more. 


Assistant Stage Management: Ciera Gardner 

Lighting Design: Bless Rudisill

Set Design: Andrew Robinson

Sound Design: Ava Weintzweig

Prop Design: Jo Vito Ramirez 

Assistant Prop Design: Lindsey Silver 

Production Manager: Ryan Rebel
Photography: Gregory Bissell 

COMET is supported by the Black Theatre Alliance of Philadelphia, The Painted Bride Art Center, crowd-funding, and private donors. 


You can still donate to Upstream through Venmo. Every little bit helps support the artists responsible for COMET.

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