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I tell stories of transformation that center Black folx. I believe it is the artist’s duty to imagine and build past the point of revolution– the future must be irresistible. I write embracing play and radical honesty, crafting live performances with the kinetic energy of a protest. In this vein, I am guided by thought-leaders in Africana Studies and Afro-Futurism, including Audre Lorde, Octavia Butler, James Baldwin, W.E.B. Dubois, and more. I champion the outcast, finding it essential to showcase the full breadth of Black humanity. I experiment with positioning the audience as the white gaze, infusing character improvisation and audience-participation into stories. Everyday, I am humbled by the fact that I am learning, growing, and refining my voice.

Take a scroll-stroll down this page to discover more about my practices! Start with some interviews:


Get to know me! Read this editorial for Grid Magazine about my experience as a young artist of color.






  • The Venus Problem (One-Act) - Staged-Reading at Primary Stages, Philadelphia Artists Collective, and Shoe Box Theatre Collective; finalist for Christ Church Neighborhood House Play Festival

  • Everywhere (10-Minute; The 24 Hour Plays: Philadelphia)

  • A Soft Landing (Elevate Theatre Company) - Did you know there’s music on the moon? Astronaut is a nurse, treating patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dad is one of them, trying to get better. Child is a poet, struggling to understand. All are alienated, pining for reconnection with the world. Tonight, will they land in a place where they can better care for themselves and each other? A Soft Landing is an intimate, grounded look at the public health issue plaguing the nation

  • Germantown Plays Pericles (One-Act) - a community-contributed play about issues and dreams of Germantown, Philadelphia. 

  • Every Everyman (One-Act) - a devised, socially-distant, live adaptation of Everyman with contemporary emphasis on Black liberation.

  • Walk the Line (One-Act)-  Run. Don't walk. Who decides how we pursue our legacy? Who decides how we fight for liberation? Who draws the line? A hood-angel (Marissa Kennedy) Zoom-bombs Hudda's (Briyana D. Clarel) final moments. They are both in crisis. They argue over what it means to live and die in a world that'd rather you be erased. Hudda won't live to be erased. Click here to read audience reviews. Reading originally broadcast live to Facebook on September 17th, 2020. 

  • Dandelion (One-Act; 154 Revisited with Revolution Shakespeare) - Adaptation of sonnets 46, 85, & 98. Isis (Adaeze Nwoko) and Nile (Satchel Willams) are in love and try very hard to keep that true. But distance, miscommunication, and fear marks disaster when you can't reach through a screen to hold a hand.

  • The Medusa Play (Full-Length; Barrymore Recommended) - Who is the Black artist? Who is Medusa? ​Academic Premiere at Ursinus College in Spring of 2019  (Directed by Tamanya Garza) BARRYMORE RECOMMENDED World Premiere with Shoe Box Theatre Collective at Venice Island Performing Arts Center November 15th though 27th (Co-Directed by Ang Bey & Ryan Rebel). Click here to read my director/playwright's note.

  • The White Feather Project (One-Act) - an ethnographic play concerning white fragility and cowardice. Devised from scholarly texts, primary sources, and in-person interviews, the community of Ursinus College is the vehicle and incubator for this piece. Click here to visit the project's website. Produced by Upstream Performance Collaborative. Performances took place on Thursday, April 25th, 2019 at Ursinus College as part of Celebration of Student Achievement (COSA) and Sunday, May 19th, 2019 as part of Shoebox Short Theatre Festival.​

  • Little Dancer (One-Act) - A solo show about a toxic, Black/White interracial relationship

  • Com[promising] Freedom (One- Act; produced at The National Constitution Center) -  "What will we do with all this freedom?"- Elizabeth Powell​ and her peers ask themselves this question in studying for their final history exam about The Declaration of Independence. Click here to read an article.

  • Pedestals (Monologue) - ​​After assaulting a peer due to a racially charged incident, an African-American star student is confronted by her principal and her future. Click hereto watch a recording of Pedestals. Listen to the Philadelphia Young Playwright's podcast series "Mouthful" here!


Get to know me! Read my Director's note for The Medusa Play and The Tamer, Tamed





  • TV Guide: A Play Festival (OMG! Studios)

  • Wolf Play by Hansol Jung (assistant-director to artistic-director Deborah Block, Theatre Exile)

  • abSolution by Brendan Dahl (reading; Theatre Exile Studio X-hibition Series)​​​

  • The Prophecy Plays by Crys Clemente (Philadelphia Asian American Performing Artists; staged-reading)​

  • The Ever Present by R. Eric Thomas (assistant-director to Brett Ashley Robinson; produced by Theatre Exile)​

  • WHISPER! (presented at DG Jam 2021 and produced by Upstream Performance Collaborative)

  • Every Everyman (Shakespeare in Clark Park; co-directed with Kittson O'Neil)​

  • The Medusa Play (Shoe Box Theatre Collective; co-directed with Ryan Rebel)

  • Little Dancer (Ricochet at Ursinus College​)​

  • The Playground (Upstream Performance Collaborative at Ursinus College; staged-reading)​

  • Daffodil by Arthur Robinson (Breakaway Student Productions at Ursinus College)​

  • Coruscatum - Imagine a world we may not live to see. This play was devised over six weeks, in an entirely virtual process. Click here to take a look at our archive, including class videos, lesson plans, and deleted scenes. (Friends Select School)

  • Twelfth Night (Friends Select School)


I am the founder and artistic director of Upstream Performance Collaborative and co-artistic director of Shoe Box Theatre Collective.


  • COMET (Upstream Performance Collaborative) 


  • WHISPER! (Upstream Performance Collaborative)

  • The White Feather Project (Upstream Performance Collaborative)

  • Paul by Ryan Rebel (Shoe Box Theatre Collective)

  • The Medusa Play by Ang Bey (Shoe Box Theatre Collective; Barrymore-Reccomended)

  • Shoe Box Short Theatre Festival (Shoe Box Theatre Collective) 


Click here to view my costume-design portfolio.


  • Costumes for COMET (Upstream Performance Collaborative) 


  • Costumes for a hit dog will holler. by Inda Craig-Galván (Azuka Theatre, Barrymore-recommended)

  • Costumes (including hair & makeup) and scenic for First Quarter Moon (Gumbo Lab)

  • Costumes & scenic for The White Feather Project (Upstream Performance Collaborative)

  • Costumes (individual) & scenic (individual) for Paul by Ryan Rebel (Shoe Box Theatre Collective)

  • Costumes for The Medusa Play by Ang Bey (Shoe Box Theatre Collective; Barrymore-recommended)

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The Tamer, Tamed 

Written/Adapted by Charlotte Northeast & the West Philadelphia community 

Directed by Ang Bey

The Medusa Play

Written by Ang Bey

Directed by Ryan Rebel and Ang Bey

The White Feather Project

Directed by Ang Bey

Dramaturged by Raychel Ceciro

Walk the Line

Written by Ang(ela) Bey

A Soft Landing

Written by Ang(ela) Bey


Written by Ang(ela) Bey

Medusa as Self

Medium(s): free-handed oil pastel.

Stuff of Stars

Commissioned by Genderfunk Philly

Medium(s): water-color paint, acrylic paint, marker, yarn, collaged-paper, glue.

Little Dancer

Medium(s): free-handed marker.


Medium(s): marker, color & graphite pencils.

Every Everyman

Written by Ang(ela) Bey & Ensemble

Co-Directed by Kittson O' Neil and Ang(ela) Bey 


Written & Directed by Ang(ela) Bey

Click to visit this project's page

Staying Power

Written & Performed by Ang(ela) Bey

"Waterfalls" by TLC

Arranged by Ang(ela) Bey

"Sugar, This is Gospel: A Mashup" by Fall Out Boy & Panic! At the Disco

 Arranged by Ang(ela) Bey

"Redbone" by Childish Gambino 

Arranged by Ang(ela) Bey

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